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LED Lighting: is it up to par for reef aquariums?

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LED lighting is becoming a popular alternative way to light aquariums, however many LED fixtures may not be ready to grow corals in reef aquariums.

Lack of the correct variety in light spectrum and less water penetration can reduce coral and plant growth, both of which are things to consider when thinking of buying LED lighting.

“If you want to get the quality of a fluorescent, with the same type of spectrum, you’d have to buy a more expensive LED,” Ian Higby, an aquatics specialist at Pet World Inc., Lawrence, Kan.

Vinton Ebling, owner of Paradise Aquatics, Overland Park, Kan., said a full spectrum LED lighting fixture can cost as much as $600, where a comparable metal halide lighting setup will cost about $350.
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Artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico

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Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Texas Artificial Reef Program has transformed 68 sites of man-made messes, such as retired ships and oil-drilling equipment, into artificial reefs since 1990. Most of the artificial reefs are cleanup efforts of oil companies in the Gulf, often times saving thousands compared to removing the materials from the ocean.
Source: Lone Star Outdoor News; Photo Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department