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Tourists flock for first artificial reef planting in Fiji

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Tourists came in droves to watch the first ever coral reef re-planting in Tivua Island, Fiji. Captain Cook Cruises organized the replanting and replanted a total of 45 corals. Future tourists to Tivua Island are advised to watch their fingers and steps, as the coral-human interaction is damaging to the coral’s growth.

Source/Photo Source: The Jet Newspaper


Robots that repair damaged corals

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Coral Repairing Robot

A team from the Herriot-Watt University’s Centre for Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology is attempting to build a “coralbots,” an underwater robots that can pick up tiny pieces of healthy coral and transplant it in a place where the coral is not healthy, stimulating new growth. The robots will operate on software designed to identify healthy versus unhealthy coral.

Source/Photo Source: gizmag

UAE to build artificial reefs on Dubai coastline

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UAE Artificial Reef

The Marine Environmental Research Centre at the Ministry of Environment and Water, United Arab Emirates, is moving corals from the Arabian Gulf closer to the UAE mainland. They are moving corals to areas where they can control the water environment more closely, where the corals will grow more healthily.
Source/Photo Source: Khaleej Times

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration facing lawsuit over reef funds

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Source: WDSU News
Photo Source: The Times Picayune
Members of the Louisiana wildlife and fisheries regulatory panel are threatening to file a lawsuit against Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration in regards to $21 million being diverted from funding artificial reefs. The money in dispute is made-up of donations from oil companies to convert old oil rigs into artificial reefs.

Artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico

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Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Texas Artificial Reef Program has transformed 68 sites of man-made messes, such as retired ships and oil-drilling equipment, into artificial reefs since 1990. Most of the artificial reefs are cleanup efforts of oil companies in the Gulf, often times saving thousands compared to removing the materials from the ocean.
Source: Lone Star Outdoor News; Photo Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department