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ReefAPalooza Orlando sets dates for April 26 & 27

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ReefAPalooza is one of the largest saltwater/reef aquarium conventions in the world, with over 4,500 attendees in 2012. Usually taking place in California, ReefAPalooza is branching across the nation and having a separate event in Florida, for the first time in about 8 years. ReefAPalooza Orlando 2014 will be held on April 26 and 27, 2014.

Source/Photo Source: Reef Builders


Xanthic Triggerfish finds its way to New York

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A Xanthic  Triggerfish (Balistapus undulatus) recently arrived at Elos Aquastudio New York.  The Xanthic Trigger was collected in the Maldives and made its way to Elos Aquastudio via Russo’s Reef, an aquarium trade wholesaler. Elos is unsure whether they will sell the Xanthic or keep it as a store mascot. Xanthic Triggers can fetch prices upwards of $3000.
Source/Photo Source: Reef Builders

CoralVue launches updated website

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CoralVue, manufacturer of products such as the Reef Octopus, Maxspect and Elos products, has launched an updated website. The site now allows customers to view part diagrams and prices for replaceable parts on their products. CoralVue also added a “Store Locator” for potential customers to view demonstrations at their local fish stores.
Sources: Aquanerd, CoralVue

Glow found to be indicator of coral health

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Sources: Reef Builders, Corals of the World Online
Photo Source: Kansan Reef
The amount of fluorescent glow given off from a coral has been found to indicate the coral’s health. Researchers studying Acropora yongei, aka Green Slimer, found that when water temperature is above or below acceptable range, the amount of glow given off from the coral decreases.

Hybrid Blue Line Clownfish pair for sale at H2O Aquatics

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Hybrid Blue Line Clownfish

A pair of hybrid Blue Line Clownfish turned up at H2O Aquatics, Essex, United Kingdom. Hybrid clownfish are the offspring of two different species of clownfish and are extremely rare.

You’ll have to arrange international shipping to if you want these clownfish and you better bring your checkbook, they’ve got a price tag of nearly $900 (£575).
Sources: ORA Farm, nano reef blog; Photo Source: H2O Aquatics

NextWave reef aquarium convention today

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NextWave, an annual one-day reef event, began today at 8 a.m. in Dallas. The event began with guest speakers, including Terence Fugazzi of Neptune Systems and Scott Fellman of Unique Corals, and ends with a raffle at 5:45 p.m.

NextWave is presented by Seachem and the Dallas Forth Worth Marine Aquarium Society.
Source: Aquanerd