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Tourists flock for first artificial reef planting in Fiji

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Tourists came in droves to watch the first ever coral reef re-planting in Tivua Island, Fiji. Captain Cook Cruises organized the replanting and replanted a total of 45 corals. Future tourists to Tivua Island are advised to watch their fingers and steps, as the coral-human interaction is damaging to the coral’s growth.

Source/Photo Source: The Jet Newspaper


Submarine tours ended after submarine damages reef

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Paz Radaza, mayor of Lapu-Lapu City, Phillippeans, issued a cease and desist order against a submarine tour company, Yellow Submarine, due to submarines damaging reefs in the area. The order comes after a video posted to YouTube shows one of the company’s submarines colliding with a coral reef.

Source: Inquirer News
Photo Source: Cebu Living

Using acid neutralizers to help ocean reefs

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Coral Repairing Robot

Scientists in studying the Great Barrier Reef are testing the use of acid neutralizers in areas of the reef. Ken Caldeira, a climate scientist, has been studying the effect acic neutralizers have on raising the calcium carbonate levels in the ocean. He has been testing acid neutralizers in “bathtub” lagoon in the Great Barrier Reef, an area that is small enough to carefully measure variables in water conditions.

Source: NPR
Photo Source: National Geographic

Robots that repair damaged corals

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Coral Repairing Robot

A team from the Herriot-Watt University’s Centre for Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology is attempting to build a “coralbots,” an underwater robots that can pick up tiny pieces of healthy coral and transplant it in a place where the coral is not healthy, stimulating new growth. The robots will operate on software designed to identify healthy versus unhealthy coral.

Source/Photo Source: gizmag

Seized corals find new home at The Deep

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Corals illegally harvested in the Cook Islands have found a new home at The Deep aquarium, Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The corals were being transported through London Heathrow Airport, where authorities said the transporters had “invalid Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species documents.”
Source: BBC News
Photo Source: The Deep

UAE to build artificial reefs on Dubai coastline

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UAE Artificial Reef

The Marine Environmental Research Centre at the Ministry of Environment and Water, United Arab Emirates, is moving corals from the Arabian Gulf closer to the UAE mainland. They are moving corals to areas where they can control the water environment more closely, where the corals will grow more healthily.
Source/Photo Source: Khaleej Times

Air pollution affecting reefs

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A study from the University of Exeter shows that air pollution negatively affects coral growth. The study, led by a team of climate scientists and coral ecologists, has shown that fine particles in the air above the ocean can block light from the corals growing below the water’s surface.
Source: CBS News
Photo Source: Our Breathing Planet